Big Data & Data Analytics

Big data is no longer just the domain of data scientists.

The latest generation of analytic technologies and methodologies can give organizations vital insights into their operations and services and provide new ways to meet mission requirements. The challenge is agility. As new requirements emerge, organizations need the ability to implement solutions that integrate and analyze multiple types of data coming from multiple data sources—and to do it quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Solution Areas

Jai-Consultancy integrates cloud and big data technologies to enable the development of large data sets while reducing the complexity of the data environment. As requirements evolve, new sources can be added. And our use of agile development methodologies makes it possible quickly deliver solutions that produce actionable intelligence. Our data mining techniques include:

Clustering and segmentation

Big data needs order. Clustering and segmentation bring like data together so users can gain valuable insights.


Data classification is the process of organizing data into different categories for effective and efficient use.


Regression is a set of statistical processes for estimating the relationships among variables. This action helps see how data can correlate to one another.

Association and set mining

Data does not just exist. It needs to be mined, so organizations use the right data to answers the questions most pertinent to their business.

Similarity and correlation

Different data sets can lead to the same conclusion. Similarity and correlation is a process to see what data sets impact others the most.

Neural networks

Neural networks are a computer system modeled after the human brain and nervous system.