Trust is essential to digital transactions.

If organizations cannot be confident in the integrity and security of information or services available online—if they cannot be confident that a transaction has not been altered in any way or intercepted by unauthorized parties—the use of digital transactions necessarily will be limited, because the risk is too great. In the past, efforts to address these issues often have involved the use of third-parties, which added to the complexity and the cost of digital services. Blockchain is a game-changer. This distributed public ledger system provides a means for improving both the security and transparency of digital transactions—and does so in a way that can be scaled up without driving up complexity or overhead costs.

Our Solution Areas

Through its Centers of Excellence, Jai-Consultancy is actively engaged in bringing blockchain to bear on key solution areas. Those solutions include:

Identity management

Blockchain simplifies the process of authenticating digital identities for online transactions—and it provides end-users with more granular control over the information that is shared in those transactions.

Grants management

Blockchain not only improves the security and integrity of the grant application and authorization process, it also enables agencies to streamline that process through automation.

Open data initiatives

Blockchain fosters greater sharing among communities of interest by providing an elegant solution to addressing questions of trust and data security that does not require a central system or administrator.