Next-Generation IT Operations

Organizations that are not modernizing their data centers are doing themselves a disservice.

In the past, IT leaders had to accept a certain amount of inefficiency—unused capacity, high energy costs, wasted floor space, and poor asset visibility. It was all seen as the cost of the complexity of the data center environment. But that is no longer the case. A new generation of technologies are transforming the management of the IT infrastructure, providing greater visibility into operations, and more granular management of data center resources.

Our Solution Areas

Jai-Consultancy helps its clients transition to a modern enterprise, with a focus on consolidation, virtualization, automation, and business continuity. Our Data Center Services include:

Application rationalization

Strategically identify business application across an organization to determine which ones should be kept, replace, retired or consolidated in an effort to improve performance.

Data center consolidation and relocation

Jai-Consultancy determines how efficient your data center runs and see where improvements can be made, or moved to another center altogether.

Data center design and implementation

Data centers require thoughtful organization and planning to run efficiently. Jai-Consultancy not only plan the facility but then can implement those changes.

Data center operations and management

Jai-Consultancy can run the day-to-day operations of your data center while troubleshooting issues that emerge so you can focus on your mission.

Disaster recovery and COOP

Bad things sometimes happen. With disaster recovery Jai-Consultancy ensures agency data remains backed up and safe at all times.

Green IT

Jai-Consultancy ensures that your data center uses power and water efficiently, not only to save you money but help the environment as well.

Network and operations support

Data centers need strong connections to the outside world. Jai-Consultancy ensures your data center has the networking capabilities you need to access data whenever you need it

Enterprise architecture

For IT operations to be effective, they must be aligned with an organized strategic goals and business investment plans. Jai-Consultancy will work with you to develop and execute an enterprise architecture that improves the management and performance of your operations—and provides a path to the future.

Financial management and operations

Jai-Consultancy brings expertise in both the disciplines and systems needed to manage the business side of the house, from modeling and reengineering financial management processes to developing financial management dashboards.

PMO Support Services

Even the best-conceived programs will not succeed without disciplined oversight. Jai-Consultancy offers a full suite of support services to improve the transparency, management, and performance of programs and to ensure that programs stay aligned with an organization’s strategic goals.