Staffing Services

A Pioneer and Leader in Staffing Services

Jai-consultancy exists at the forefront of the Staffing Services revolution, recognizing early on that IT staffing and vendor management was not a core competency for many of our customers, nor should it be. Jai-consultancy maintains a national network of talent, ensuring that our customers’ systems and operations run seamlessly so they can remain laser-focused on business and mission objectives. With a keen understanding of our customers’ IT staffing requirements, Jai-consultancy has a proven record of identifying consultants and contingent staff for client partners. And throughout extensive candidate acquisition and evaluation process, our staff is positioned to properly satisfy any potential requirement.


In order to locate and submit the best candidates for our customer’s workforce needs, we at JAI Consulting have spent years establishing and polishing a thorough staffing model. At the same time, we have focused on offering flexible staffing options to allow our customers and candidates to easily adjust to changing work environments. We push ourselves daily to improve upon our delivery of technical staffing services and strive to become vital partners with each company we engage.
Recruiting Services
  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing
  • Direct Placement Staffing

Jai-consultancy Managed Services include: 

Dedicated Account Team
To foster our partnerships, we assign a team dedicated to the staffing needs of our respective clients. Our management and recruiting staff function in coordination with program managers and staffing specialists from our partner firms in order to provide the personnel necessary to satisfy any given requirement.

Managed Supplier Provider
Jai-consultancy is involved in both the internally and externally managed service programs of our clients, emphasizing strict compliance to applicable regulations. Our performance metrics for submittals, interviews, fill, and acceptance are rigorous, and all candidates are vetted to match required skill sets. We staff temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent staffing requirements, in programs such as: Beeline, Volt Consulting Group, Agile 1, IQ Navigator, Adecco RightSourcing, ProcureStaff, and other client-managed programs.

Vendor Management
Our vendor relationships are built upon a foundation of communication, responsiveness, intimate knowledge of client needs, quality of contractor submittals, performance measurements, and compliance. When you consider our deep experience in Managed Services and our proven track record of putting the right people in the right position at the right time, you’ll understand why so many customers depend on Jai-consultancy to meet their staffing requirements. Acquire the advantage.

Payroll Services
Jai-consultancy Payroll Services allow clients to leverage Jai-consultancy’s administrative support and mitigate the misclassification risks that come with managing contractors as if they were employees. We have a simple process to deliver solid results: You recruit the candidate and we become the employer of record. Jai-consultancy handles the time-consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee, whether you’re enrolling one person or a whole team, Payroll Services ease the burden on your internal team while reducing the costs of managing this aspect of your contingent workforce program. Jai-consultancy Payroll Services will process employees’ wages are deposited into their accounts automatically and provide you with payroll checks and earning statements, direct deposit report, standard reports including a payroll register with year to date information and update all federal and state tax fields. In addition, we will work closely with you to create any additional reports that may help streamline information you need.

This service automatically files and pays Federal withholding, FICA, FUI (federal unemployment insurance), State withholding, SUI (state unemployment insurance) and local withholding taxes. It also assumes full responsibility and timeliness of these payroll tax returns. This service includes automatic enrollment in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EPTS) which meets IRS requirements for businesses that must electronically deposit Form 940/941 payroll taxes. Employees can access their pay stubs and W-2s directly, 24/7 from ipay website. Obtain help from an experienced HR Professional, whenever needed

Jai-consultancy has a well-managed onboarding program, where we use a self-servicing web-based onboarding tool for all the payroll employees which present tasks and forms in an easy-to-understand workflow and Provide ongoing, clear, concise and consistent channels of communication. With Jai-consultancy Payroll Services, you could be more protected from handling all your workers’ compensation claims, off-boarding employees and performing background checks to date on the latest legislation to assessing and managing your contractors, we’ve got you completely covered and total transparency